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Several Ridiculously Good Makeup Deals and And I May Have Re-Watched All Four Mandalorian Episodes

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Several Ridiculously Good Makeup Deals and And I May Have Re-Watched All Four Mandalorian Episodes Several Ridiculously Good Makeup Deals and And I May Have Re-Watched All Four Mandalorian Episodes

Several Ridiculously Good Makeup Deals and And I May Have Re-Watched All Four Mandalorian Episodes

Good Morning!
How’s your week turning out" Mine is going fast! Tonight the annual photo of Kia on Santa’s lap will be posted on Instagram! Be sure to check in and you will see my darling little nugget on Santa’s lap This is a serious message with peace and love she is not sending out signed autographs photos this year, don’t ask. Her schedule is way too tight! Hehe!
Anyway, have you gotten all your shopping done" I haven’t! I really need to buckle down and get it done but I did make time to re-watch all four episodes of the Mandalorian. I have no shame, I willingly admit that I re-watched all four just in case I missed any cool Easter eggs. I am a massive Star Wars fan but sadly, not really a big supporter of Disney owning it. However, you have to give credit where credit it is due! The Mandalorian is actually pretty darn cool. But maybe Disney isn’t to credit but more Jon Favreau should get the high five here and Pedro Pascal. Well, especially Pedro, because how many actors do you know that have one or two lines per episode and never remove their helmet yet still appear amazingly charismatic on the screen. I mean who knew simple muttered words of “Stop touching things!” could be so compelling!
Anyway, Christmas shopping….! There are still mega deals to be had especially at Macy’s because beauty on sale qualifies for 15% more on top of the sale price. One of the best things around, are you getting tired of hearing about it" Is the Stila Ethereal Elements Beauty Boss Lip Gloss Set which is on sale for $36 but with code FRIEND you get an extra 15% Off which makes it $30! This includes six full-size Gloss Boss Lipglosses! It’s a fab deal!

Also, the Stila Blue Realm Velvet Eye Shadow Palette I recently reviews is on sale for $18 but use code FRIEND and get an extra 15% Off making this palette $15!

There are tons of other Stila Holiday Sets on sale at so def have a peek and use that code for the extra 15% off!
Free shipping applies to $25 or more!
Some other really great deals:

Tarte Better Not Pout, But If You Do Keep It Glossy Lip Gloss Set $13
Tarte Bundled Up Besties Color Set $12
Mon Guerlain $43
Too Faced Let It Snow, Girl! Palette Set $25
Lancome Color Design Nude Lip Set (4 Full-Size Lipsticks) $34
Bare Minerals Lip Service BAREPRO Longwear Lipstick Set (2 Full-Size Lipsticks) $12
Tarte Chrome For The Holidays Chrome Paint Shadow Set $14
Bare Minerals Horizon Bounce & Blur Eyeshadow Palette $14
Tarte Lip Ornaments Lipgloss Set $16
Urban Decay Honey Pot Set $25
MAC Signature Stars Lipstick Set (3 Full-Size Lipsticks) $19
Lancome Prime It Boost It Eyeshadow Primer $13

The code works on non-sale makeup, beauty, and fragrance as well!
P.S. If you have some extra time stop in and chat Mando with me!
Where to buy

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Several Ridiculously Good Makeup Deals and And I May Have Re-Watched All Four Mandalorian Episodes Several Ridiculously Good Makeup Deals and And I May Have Re-Watched All Four Mandalorian Episodes


News source: musingsofamuse
Publication date: 05-12-2019 21:31
visto: 5

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