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Top 5: Ways to go bike racing for kids

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Top 5: Ways to go bike racing for kids Top 5: Ways to go bike racing for kids

Top 5: Ways to go bike racing for kids

Have you got a son, daughter or child of non-specific gender" Are you looking for a way to get them into bike racing" If so, first of all, have you really thought it through" Because chances are, they?re not going to become MotoGP champion and pay you back all the cash (not to mention the time) you?ve spunked away on their racing over the years. But if you want to give them the opportunity to have a crack at the coolest and most exciting sport on earth, there are plenty of ways to get them on two wheels. In the UK, kids can race bikes from the age of six (and many do). If you want them to stand half a chance of ever being any good, the sooner they start, the better. So, in no particular order, here are five great ways to get the rug-rats racing bikes?

Schoolboy Motocross

This is how loads of today?s top-level bike racers started out and it?s as good a way now as any because it?s dead easy, and relatively cheap to do. That’s why it’s still one of the most popular forms of bike racing for kids. MX tracks usually charge between £20 and £30 (for kids) for a day?s worth of riding. And there are loads of them. A lot of them have a specific kids track too, so they?ll get plenty of time on the bike. For the last 40 years, the Yamaha PW50 has been the go-to ?My First MX Bike?. Still to this day, you could do a lot worse. The ‘Bay is top-heavy with P- Dubs so if you can?t find one for less than a grand, you aren?t trying hard enough. They?re only £1,599 brand new from Yamaha. The best schoolboy MX championship for your kiddies, is probably your local one, particularly when they?re starting out. You don?t need to travel the length and breadth of the country to learn the basics. If they look as though they are taking to it like a duck to the proverbial though, you?ll always be able to move up to a bigger, faster championship. Before you know it, you?ll be watching the little bastard start his (or her) first British Championship round.

British Mini Bike Championship

This doesn?t have to be just for the young kids. This is bike racing for kids of all ages (i.e. adults). Why should the little?uns have all the fun" The BMB is a series run for Supermoto style mini bikes (pit bikes) of varying engine capacities. There are classes for seven to ten year olds (on 90cc bikes), nine to fourteen year olds (140/150cc bikes) and twelve to fifteen (on 190cc bikes). There are also mini Supermoto classes for 140cc, 160cc and open (up to 200cc) pit bikes. A reasonably competitive bike can be picked up for a grand or so, making it another relatively cheap one to have a go at. Although the entries are a little bit steeper than motocross. Mini bike racing is always really close so it?s a good way to learn a bit of race craft. It also gives the kids that have only ever had a go at MX a chance to get used to the way rubber grips on tarmac (as opposed to dirt), on a bike that feels fairly natural to them. The Sto...
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Top 5: Ways to go bike racing for kids Top 5: Ways to go bike racing for kids


News source: 44teeth
Publication date: 02-03-2021 22:19
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